You Wont Believe Whats Happening to Cannabis Packaging in California

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California’s cannabis industry is about to experience a major shakeup, and businesses need to get ready. On July 1, 2024, stringent new rules around packaging, labeling, advertising, and marketing of cannabis products will go into effect under the new law AB 1894. These changes could make or break companies that don’t adapt quickly enough.

The goals of AB 1894 are to enhance consumer safety and address environmental concerns related to cannabis products, especially vaporizers and cartridges. Lawmakers want to protect consumers—particularly minors—from accidental ingestion or misleading marketing. There’s also a big emphasis on proper disposal to prevent environmental contamination.

So what exactly do these new regulations entail? Here’s a breakdown:

Packaging Requirements:

– All cannabis products must use tamper-evident, child-resistant packaging. Products with multiple servings need to be resealable once opened.

– Packaging cannot appeal to kids in any way, shape, or form. Say goodbye to bright colors, cartoon characters, or anything else that could attract a child’s attention and make the product look like a toy or candy.

Strict Labeling Rules:

– Labels have to include a ton of information like THC/CBD levels, government health warnings, net weight, type of cannabis, packaging date, allergens, and a unique tracking identifier. 

– Those health warnings can’t be missed—they must be prominently displayed and cover risks like impairment, delayed effects, and dangers during pregnancy.

– There also must be clear recycling instructions stating that vape cartridges and other cannabis hardware can’t go in regular trash or recycling. These products have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.


Advertising Guidelines: 

– All ads have to include disposal info and make it obvious that the products can’t just be tossed in the garbage.

– Health warnings are a must on ads as well, and marketing absolutely cannot target minors in any way.

The implications for cannabis businesses are huge. Companies will need to invest in redesigning packaging, reprinting labels and marketing materials, and providing thorough staff training on the new rules. It’s an added operational cost, but the penalties for non-compliance are even steeper.

There’s also the consumer trust factor. Businesses who get ahead of the curve on compliance can show customers they take safety and transparency seriously. Clear labeling and responsible marketing build loyalty. But companies that drag their feet risk fines and a hit to their reputation.

So how can your cannabis business make sure it’s ready for July 1? First, audit all your existing packaging, labels, ads, and marketing pieces across every product line to identify gaps. Redesign anything that doesn’t meet the standards, working with suppliers for new compliant packaging and coordinating with designers for updated labels and marketing materials.  

Don’t forget to thoroughly train employees on the new regulations through workshops, online modules, or bringing in compliance experts. Consider making it an ongoing process with regular refreshers, since rules and interpretations can evolve over time.

Finally, stay in the loop by joining cannabis industry associations, subscribing to regulatory update newsletters, and participating in relevant conferences or webinars. The rules impacting your business could keep changing, so staying informed is crucial.

It’s a lot to take on, but being prepared for AB 1894 on July 1 is essential for cannabis companies that want to keep operating successfully in the Golden State. Taking a proactive compliance approach positions you for a smooth transition and demonstrates your commitment to consumer safety and environmental responsibility.

Need help ensuring your cannabis business checks all the boxes for these sweeping new regulations? Solutions like’s automated content creation tool, regularly updated compliance data, and real-time alerts on regulatory changes can make the process a whole lot easier.

The cannabis world is evolving rapidly, and companies have to adapt quickly to thrive. Those that get ahead of the compliance curve with AB 1894 will be better positioned to build trust, avoid penalties, and continue meeting customer demands. But those that ignore the changes could go up in smoke. Which side of the regulatory shift does your business want to be on?

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