How our AI Budtender works to boost🚀

Artificial intelligence tool for Dispensaries.

No Credit Card Required

Grow Per Transaction Sales by 20%+. Improve Customer Satisfaction.

AI Budtender

Personalized AI Cannabis Recommendations

Using Machine Learning & AI BakedBot looks at previous purchases, similar customer profiles, terpenes, cannabinoids + many other factors to help customers discover their perfect strain. More satisfied customers = Higher CLTV.

Improve Inventory Turnover

BakedBot helps customers discover new strains and products. Our AI ensures that customers see the full complement of your cannabis products-or what we like to call the long-tail of cannabis.

AI Budtender-Add Inventory

Do Customers Frequent Dispensaries with a Poor Customer Experience? No

Our Al is trained on cannabis data and designed to deliver results that improve the customer experience from initial website visit to dispensary pick up. 

Budtender QR Codes

QR codes help your in-store budtenders gain a snapshot of customer history to further understand preferences and frequency.

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Social Media Content

Generate months of engaging, niche social content within minutes.

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Detailed Blog Posts

Generate engaging blog posts. Unleash the creatively of your team.

SEO Keyword Research

BakedBot can help you find "low hanging fruit" keywords. Build out your SEO strategy with BakedBot.

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Brand Rewriting

Become a master of your brand. we'll help uncover what makes your brand unique.

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Email Marketing

Using the PAS framework to generate high converting marketing emails. Get better conversations quickly.

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Marketing Funnels

Build better marketing funnels and customer journeys using the AIDA framework.

Product Descriptions

Write better converting product descriptions in a flash.

Get High on Results. was built for:

Cannabis Marketing Agency
Cannabis Marketing Agency
Cannabis Marketing Agency

Elevate your Dispensary with AI

An AI-powered cannabis marketing platform that drives Revenue.

Bud (lite)

$0.10/successful recomendation

Doesn't include programmatic ads

What’s included:

  • Netflxify Your Dispensary Website
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Growing Ratings
  • AI Inventory Insights
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Includes Harvest Plan + Programmatic Ads in 2 local zip codes + Pay only .10 cents per successful product recommendation.

  • Programmatic Ad Boost
  • Netflixify Your Dispensary Website
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Grower Ratings (Grow & Credit)
  • AI Inventory insights
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The Future of Cannabis Sales

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