Meet BakedBot AI Autonomous Agents forEmail, SMS, Dynamic Content, Email, Higher CLTV, Competitive Advantage, More Customers, Email, SMS, Dynamic Content, Email, Higher CLTV, Competitive Advantage

Boost sales by 20%+ with our 24/7 Autonomous Agents. They craft emails, SMS, and blogs that truly resonate, turning insights into connections. Precision engagement, mastered.

Currently limited to select canna-businesses.

Cannabis Marketing Tools for Improving Product Discovery and Boosting Sales.

AI Cannabis Marketing Tools

Autonomous AI Agents

In the hyper-competitive cannabis marketplace, personalized marijuana marketing is essential for driving engagement and revenues. BakedBot AI pioneers autonomous AI agents that revolutionize cannabis digital marketing through unprecedented 1:1 personalization at scale.

What are Autonomous Cannabis Marketing Agents?


Our autonomous weed marketing agents leverage advanced language AI to analyze unified customer data, generate naturally expressed content tailored to individual preferences, and autonomously execute hyper-personalized campaigns across email, SMS, social media, websites, and more channels.

BakedBot Foundation Models

Personalized Cannabis Experiences Powered by Foundation Models

Personalized Cannabis Experiences Powered by Foundation Models. At the core of our solution is a proprietary foundation language model custom-trained on over 1 billion tokens of legislative data, cannabis culture, product data, and consumer language to deeply comprehend industry nuances. This enables BakedBot to generate resonant content that outperforms General Models.

The Ultimate Winback Weapon: Hyper-Contextual AI Campaigns

Don’t let lost customers become forgotten revenue. BakedBot’s AI winback agents reignite lapsed relationships through hyper-personalized multi-channel, cannabis marketing campaigns tailored to each individual’s brand journey and affinities. From recovering abandoned carts to re-engaging past shoppers – our autonomous agents revive even your coldest customers.

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Transform Your Cannabis Marketing Today

Experience the future of autonomous AI-driven cannabis marketing. Signup for Early Access to see BakedBot’s agents in action and learn how to elevate your brand’s customer experience.

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🤖 Hyper-Personalized Cannabis Campaigns

Our AI agents generate 1:1 personalized marketing across channels.


💥 Boost Engagement and Conversion

Autonomous optimization drives higher opens, clicks, and purchases.

AI Writing Assistant

🔥 Tap Into the Culture

Custom-trained on general + your own cannabis data for unmatched brand authenticity.

⚡ Accelerate Campaign Execution

Agents automate content creation for faster go-to-market speeds.


🧠 Cognitive Content Optimization

Next-gen AI optimizes for emotions, affinity and mindsets.


🌐 True Omnichannel Orchestration

Unified customer journeys across email, SMS, social, web.


🔭 Autonomous Situational Response

Agents dynamically adapt messaging to emerging events-including PR & crisis events (Planned)


🔒 Rigorous Compliance Controls

Built-in brand governance for cannabis marketing regulations.

"Huge shout out to BakedBot for creating such a useful tool. Have you had a chance to check out what can do for you? #cannabisbusiness I appreciate you!"
A'Dazia Ferrell
Founder Inner Journey LTD

Unleash the Power of Your First-Party Data

BakedBot AI unifies and enriches your customer data into unified profiles, leveraging your existing POS, CRM, ecommerce and behavioral data assets to fuel authentic 1:1 personalized cannabis marketing campaigns at scale.

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