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“Netflixify” Your Dispensary Website. AI Budtender Provides Spot-On Personalized Cannabis Shopping Recommendations Increase Cart Checkout Sizes by 20%+, Boost Customer Satisfaction  & CLTV

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Improve Product Discovery. Boost Sales.

AI Budtender

Tailored Strain Recommendations

Harnessing the power of machine learning, we delve deep into user preferences, terpenes, cannabinoids, and more to craft personalized strain recommendations. 

Boosted customer satisfaction and retention.

Experience the BakedBot difference! Our advanced AI-driven platform dives deep into individual preferences, ensuring every strain recommendation is spot-on. By consistently delivering choices that resonate with your customers, not only elevates customer satisfaction but also fosters loyalty & retention.

AI Budtender-Add Inventory

The Future of Cannabis is Tailored: Discover AI-Driven Precision with

Our AI and Machine learning sales and marketing tools do more than move the needle-they make sales and marketing workflows 10X more efficient. Do much more with less using artificial intellegience.

Tailored Recommendations

Leverage the power of Machine Learning and Big Data

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Boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Discover a shopping experience that truly understands and values your customers. Grow Sales 20% plus

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Enhanced Inventory Managment

" optimizes dispensary stock with smart inventory management, ensuring the right strains are always on hand."

Reliable Grower Ratings

Detailed and reliable grower ratings and reviews. Improve grower decision making earlier

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All-encompassing marketing tools dashboard.

From SEO to Content Creation. saves your team time and money. Create engaging cannabis content-quickly and easily.

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Compliance Checker

Crawl your Cannabis, CBD or Hemp website to ensure copy is in compliance with state regulations.

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Email marketing and product description tools

Easily create optimized marketing emails and product descriptions at scale

Seamless Website Integration integrates quickly and easily into your website and won't interfere with any current menus or POS systems.

"Huge shout out to BakedBot for creating such a useful tool. Have you had a chance to check out what can do for you? #cannabisbusiness I appreciate you!"
A'Dazia Ferrell
Founder Inner Journey LTD

Customers Spend 20% More With Personalized Recommendations

*Example: Average Dispensary Revenue of $2 Million. AI Shopper Personalization adds $400k in Top Line Revenue.

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  • Limited AI Tools
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What’s included: 14 Day Free Trial

  • 50K/Words Month
  • Compliance Checker
  • Blog Writer
  • Product Description Generator
  • SEO Keyword Tools
  • Social Content Generator
  • Doc Chat (Chat w/Files)
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Includes Harvest Plan + Programmatic Ads

  • Programmatic Ad Boost
  • .10 cents/successful product recommendation
  • Netflixify Your Dispensary Website
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Grower Ratings (Grow & Credit)
  • AI Inventory insights
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